Letter from the Founders’ Desk

Welcome to RAIN.

Your home for all things trading! This isn't a mere catch-phrase but a philosophy, a coveted message ingrained into the core of our very being. With an emphasis on You, RAIN has set-out to fundamentally alter trading technologies with the idea to massively benefit our customers and stakeholders. From automated trading solutions, to on-demand analytics, we have a single minded agenda at RAIN: how can we make your trading experience more valuable? And, just like any home, it’s an idea patiently being built over time through a repetitive process. Some days are messy, others are brutally hard, but we have the comfort of knowing that there is a home rooting for us to build out our dreams.

At RAIN, we are obsessed with automating your trading experience. Our journey began in 2018 with building, collecting, deploying and maintaining fully automated algorithmic trading solutions for our clients. Today, we find ourselves day in and day out inching closer towards perfecting the art and science of flawlessly managing a fully automated trading solution on a client’s trading account. Through our shared experiences, we have learned, experienced, and observed many fascinating lessons, which empower us with the confidence to scale up our solutions and aspirations.

The intent to start RAIN had everything to do with our strong conviction in fully automated trading (and investing), as well as a strong appreciation for scalable fin-tech products. At the time, Raghu had already founded (and resigned from) Upstox (formerly RKSV Securities), currently India’s second largest stock brokerage. He remains a significant shareholder in Upstox but is no longer operationally involved with his first company. Harsh, RAIN’s other Co-Founder, had launched a hugely successful investment company named AGacquisitions, one of India’s first offshore domiciled hedge funds.

We had each spent at least half our lives breathing and dying by the stock markets. In Raghu’s case, his entire backstory had been in the algorithmic/quant/automated space and at a proprietary level, where he traded his own, and later, RKSV’s capital. Harsh, on the other hand, predominantly came from an institutional background dealing largely with discretionary decision making.

With RAINFUND, you will be in safe hands. We take the best strategies listed on RAINDROP (launching in April 2021), package them into one cohesive self-running trading application, and run the software on your personal brokerage account. With RAINDROP, you have the liberty to pick up robust, scalable, fully automated algorithmic strategies and have them start firing trades on your account. With either offering, you are getting one surefire guarantee: your home has got your back.

We hope you enjoy the RAIN experience.

Warm Regards,

Raghu Kumar,

Co-Founder of RAIN, Former Co-Founder of Upstox

Harsh Agarwal,

Co-Founder of RAIN, Co-Founder of AGacquisitions